Communion is a set of small ceramic wine cups, wooden cup board, ceramic wine vessel and wooden bread board made for communion service at Vancouver Redeemer Church. The wine vessel is in the shape of a drop which embodies the contemplative meaning of Christ's blood, tear and life. The matt rough texture on the small wine cups provide more tactile and intimate experience to invite the congregation into deeper appreciation of the Christ's sufferings. Also when finished with the wine ceremony, one can find the imprint of Redeemer's logo inside the cup which reminds one of the importance of the chuch as Christian community.

The design of Communion in general, visually and conceptually resembles the church's logo in many ways. 

Below is the logo work I have done for Vancouver Redeemer Presybeterian Church prior to Communion project. It is based on the church's sole belief and confession that Vancouver Redeemer Church is built upon Christ's blood and the church should be the salt and light of the world - to be deeply rooted in the world and to live as a humble follower of Christ. 

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