Entrée is a dining table that invites its users to be more engaged in the object from assembly to use of the table.

The table is consisted of five parts: two huge wedges with two legs each, two cork-laminated inserts and one big table frame. Using complex and sophisticated joints, the table does not require any metal fasteners. The table holds itself only though friction and gravity. 

Moving away from the conventional construction of the table, Entrée serves one more mindful use of the table as one becomes more aware of how it is assembled and the grains and lines on the table top's surface.

The table is made of locally sourced Alder wood and treated with food-safe finishing oil.

This was a group project done for Furniture Production class in partnership with Barter under the faculty supervisation of Christian Blyt, in third year of Industrial Design program. Nathania Candra and Kate Inkyung Kim are two other designers who had been my great friends to work with throughout the whole making prcoess of Entrée - from the initial concept development, research and the production of final prototype.

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